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BEHIND THE CLIENT Forbidden Flowers is a cannabis brand created for actress Bella Thorne. Inspired by the metaphor 'forbidden fruit', Forbidden Flowers' glamorous yet edgy aesthetic is designed to make consumers feel rebellious and empowered when they use the product - because everything feels better when it's forbidden.


BEHIND THE DESIGN  I chose a gothic style font for the logo because it feels rebellious and slightly dangerous, inspired by the word 'forbidden'. The rose was inspired Bella, as her favorite flower is a rose, while the leaves were designed as cannabis leaves. For the color palette, I wanted to make a clear distinction between sativa and indica strains. I chose warm hues for sativa since sativa is known to give you a boost of energy and creativity, therefore is smoked more during the day. I chose blue/turquoise hues for indica since indica is known for its calming effects and is commonly smoked at night to help induce sleep. For the packaging, I wanted to create something that felt like a luxury cosmetics product and stood out on the overcrowded dispensary shelves, which inspired the unique concave packaging, glitter injected plastic lid, and colored glass jars.


- Brand Identity Design
- Brand Strategy

- Product Design + Development

- Packaging Design

- Brand Naming

- Art Direction



Photography by Glass House and Content X.

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