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- Brand Identity Design

- Packaging Design

BEHIND THE CLIENT FEFU, which stands for From Earth For Us, is an all natural, plant-derived body care brand consisting of soaps, oils and body butters. The creator, Dana Rice, hand picks her herbs and ingredients from her local farmer’s market, and hand crafts her products right out of her home in LA. FEFU is all about utilizing powerful ingredients from the Earth, such as plant oils and extracts, to heal and nourish your skin completely naturally.


BEHIND THE DESIGN When I first met with Dana, she was torn between wanting to go “bold” with her branding, inspired by her Caribbean heritage, or very “au naturel”, inspired by the pure, holistic nature of her products. I assured her that she didn’t have to choose just one, and that I could create something that combined both. The brown kraft paper and monospaced typeface were chosen to exude an organic and handmade feel, while the deep yellow accent color and chunky serif font of the logo add a distinct and bold touch, inspired by Caribbean art and culture. For the brand mark, I illustrated an icon of two hands accepting a droplet from a leaf, symbolizing how nature is full of precious gifts for us.

rosanna servodio - branding - fefu logo
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