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- Brand Concept Strategy

- Brand Identity Design + Brand Voice

- Product Design + Development

- Website Copywriting

- E-Commerce Website Design + Development

- Packaging Design

- Marketing Collateral Design

- Trade Show Booth Design

- Instagram Feed Curation

BEHIND THE CLIENT Kitty Kardboard® is my own company that I dreamt up and brought to life. With this venture I hope to inspire more brands to start creating good design for cats and the modern cat consumer, and ultimately help change the outdated cat lady stigma.


BEHIND THE DESIGN This product and brand was inspired by my very own cat, so naturally the brand identity had to represent her. The light pink that is the foundation color for the brand was inspired by her pink nose, while the circular logo is a minimal illustration of her when she was curled up inside a box. And the brand name? My cat's name was actually "Kitty", the brand is all about cardboard, and sometimes alliteration is key. As for the colors, they needed to be fresh, modern and feminine to echo the strategy behind my business, the product, and where I plan to take it. To learn more about my story and product please visit my website:

kitty kardboard - palette-02.jpg
kk instagram mock ups - cropped.jpg
kk brochure mock up - both sides2.jpg
kk website home page mock up.jpg
KK - ipads - just wall.jpg

Photography by Guy Piaquadio | Photoshoot Creative Direction by Rosanna Servodio.

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