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BEHIND THE CLIENT Flourish RX crafts powerful plant-based solutions for the core areas of women’s health. Founded by an incredibly strong breast cancer survivor, Candice Witek, Flourish RX was created to help women embrace the aging process so they can live joyfully and confidently while maintaining physical and mental wellness. During her battle with cancer, Candice spent her time researching simple, natural ingredients and creating remedies to help her heal and feel good, beyond food.  When she finally won her battle with cancer, she wanted to share the elixirs she created with other women. 


BEHIND THE DESIGN  I went with a serif font for the logo to elude to the mature, luxurious nature of the brand. The abstract flower is a symbol of femininity, while the brush strokes and ocean-inspired hues represent the fluidity that is womanhood. The label is simple and clean to evoke a medicinal feel, with vibrant color blocking and gold foil for shelf appeal.


- Brand Identity Design

- Invitation + Save the Date Design

- Visual Direction for Wedding Day

flourish rx logo - website-02.jpg
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