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- Brand Identity Design

- Packaging Design

- Wesbite Design

BEHIND THE CLIENT Nava Healing is an American-made wellness brand launching with their hemp oil muscle and joint pain relief roll-on balm. Founded by Dr. Dang, Nava Healing was inspired by his experience treating pain and chronic disease, and his desire to help his patients in a holistic way, instead of with prescription drugs. With this product, he hopes to improve the lives of people who suffer from chronic pain daily. 


BEHIND THE DESIGN Since this brand is all about healing and soothing, I was inspired by gentle ocean waves and water. This is translated as the ripple design connecting the letters of the logo, as well as in the marks and patterns. The main color is a cool, icy blue which has a calming effect, while the teal and green are symbolic of the holistic nature of the brand. 

nava healing branding - website-02.jpg

Photos on website mock up are placeholders until branded content is produced.

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